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A Kettle of Fish

I doubt sometimes whether a quiet and unagitated life would have suited me-yet I sometimes long for it. - Byron

I went through this kind of struggle, but not any more. Now I am pretty sure a stable life is what I really wanted. Stable is not necessarily to be dull. I have been a million miles away from home for seven years to study at UW-Madison. I am an escapist. In the descriptions of family roles and characteristics often found in children growing up in a dysfunctional family system they roughly classified them into 4 categories - family hero, scapegoat, lost child, and mascot. I think I am the lost child. "This is a child who always tries to blend into the woodwork." - I read this sentence in a book about ACOA and feel it's funny.

A list of my web pages.

My home page
Content include photos, personal info, resume, interests, and more...
About me
About me :)
From Soup To Nuts and Bolts
About the title of this page: For Soup to Nuts is a gourmet term for a very extensive, fancy meal where even the smallest details are provided for. Nuts and Bolts means the techniucal aspect of something. Napa Valley is technically for connoiseurs. Yet it is a scientific page. This page is planned to serve for three purposes: 1. Food for Thought online Bookstore. 2. Books, information, and links for food related topics. 3. Food science discussion.
Vault of Horror
The description of this site is: Ghost stories, books, music, and movies; tales from the crypt and any other assorted wierdness that sneaks in and can't get back out!
A Kettle of Fish
This is the web site of a talented and kind friend of mine. I borrowed his site title as the title of this page. He also help named my several web pages.

Serenity    prayer

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Some books inspired me.

Lust for Life By Irving Stone
The biography of Vincent Van Gogh, who suffered from bipolar disorder.
An Unquiet Mind By Kay Redfield Jamison
Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist, turned a mirror on the creativity on herself.
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden By Hannah Green
Masterfully weaves a tale of a troubled young girl and her trials and discoveries in a mental institution. Powerfully portraysthe strength of the human mind.
Moodswing : Dr Fieve on Depression By Ronald R. Fieve
The second revised edition of the groundbreaking book which for over 20 years has provided new hope for those whose lives were devastated by moodswings and depression.

Some links I found helpful

Mental Health Net discussion forums
Online support and discussion forums. Choose from the listing of support groups, miscellaneous discussion areas, and professional forums in mental health.
Ask the Expert
Get answers to your most important mental health questions with the help of Ron Pies, M.D., clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University and popular Psychiatric Times columnist. He has also written several insightful books.
Ask the Bipolar Expert
Get answers to your most important bipolar disorders questions with the help of Charles Bowden, M.D., chairman of psychiatry and professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the University of Texas, San Antonio. He has also written several insightful books.
Ask Dr. Tommy Arnn
a clinical pharmacist with a psychiatric speciality, your medication questions. Questions should be about medications prescribed for a psychiatric or mental disorder, or otherwise related to such a disorder (e.g., interactions with existing medications). Dr. Arnn will choose from among the questions he receives each week and answer them publically in this forum. All identifying information will be removed to preserve your anonymity.
Internet Mental Health
"Our goal is to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness." This is a great info source for mental health.
Un-official ACOA Page
Adult Children of Alcoholics
ACOA Characteristics
These are some of the characteristics of an adult child of an alcoholic.
Family Roles and Characteristics
Short descriptions of family roles and characteristics often found in children growing up in a dysfunctional family system
ACOA Bill of Rights
A personal Bill of Rights for Adult Children of Alcoholics
"Isn't ACOA just to blame your parents?"
The short answer is "no"
The Twelve Steps for Adult Children
The heart of the program....
The Twelve Traditions of ACA
The traditions provide guidelines to help the ACA group as a whole.
Prevention and Intervention Center for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse
Alcoholics Anonymous

Where is my Effexor?

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