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Li-Ching Chao

I am currently a PhD student at the 
Department of Food Science, University 
of Wisconsin-Madison. I plan to finish 
my study soon, and get a job.

This is a picture of me at a botanical 
garden (Milwaukee, WI).


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Table of Content

This is my most recent picture. It's taken 
when I went home for vacation in Dec. 1997.

About me
Personal info, interests, resume, and a lot more....
From Soup To Nuts and Bolts
About the title of this page: For Soup to Nuts 
is a gourmet term for a very extensive, fancy 
meal where even the smallest details are 
provided for. Nuts and Bolts means the 
techniucal aspect of something. Napa Valley 
is technically for connoiseurs. Yet it is a
scientific page.
This page is planned to serve for three 
1.  Food for Thought online Bookstore. 
2.  Books, information, and links for food 
    related topics. 
3.  Food science discussion. 
Food for Thought Bookstore
A full serviced online bookstore sells books, software, and magzines.
Vault of Horror
The description of this site is: Ghost stories 
books, Gothic music & movies, tales from the 
crypt and any other assorted wierdness that 
sneaks in and can't get back out!
Spinner's Orbital Entertainment
A full serviced online music and movie store.
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I doubt sometimes whether a quiet and unagitated
life would have suited me-yet I sometimes long for 
it. - Byron

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