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Hello,    welcome    to    my    page.

About me
My photo, personal info, CV, resume, interests, my hero, Colors of the Wind, The Elton John lyrics, image collection, and fun stuff etc.
From Soup To Nuts and Bolts
About the title of this page: For Soup to Nuts is a gourmet term for a very 
extensive, fancy meal where even the smallest details are provided for. Nuts and Bolts means the 
technical aspect of something. Napa Valley is technically for connoiseurs. Yet it is a scientific page.

This page is planned to serve for three purposes: 
                  1.  Food for Thought online Bookstore. 
                  2.  Links to food related topics. 
                  3.  Food science discussion. 
Food for Thought online Bookstore
A full serviced online bookstore
Vault of Horror
Tales from the Crypt
Spinner's Orbital Entertainment
Online CD and movie store
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